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CommuteCon 2017

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Closing Remarks - Core Values

Evan Meyer
Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Session Description

As the sponsor and organizer of the CommuteCon 2017 conference, RideAmigos would like to thank all who participated. The goal of the RideAmigos team is to influence and impact commuter behavior by encouraging a broader base of people to adopt more sustainable transportation options. Connectivity technologies have created an entirely new playing field, creating mobility choices that did not exist even a few years ago. The more these technologies are used in everyday commuting, the more communities benefit.

Moving away from single-occupancy vehicle commuting is in the best interests of everyone. Sustainable alternatives help individual commuters save money, reduce maintenance needs on their personal vehicles, reduce stress and enjoy happier, more productive lives. Community-level benefits include meaningful reductions in pollution and traffic congestion, which are becoming all the more necessary as urban populations around the world continue to surge.

RideAmigos is built on a set of seven core values:

  • To share our enthusiasm for what we do will all our customers and the larger community
  • To provide customers with unparalleled, personalized service that addresses their unique and specific organizational needs
  • To embrace change and help drive innovation forward
  • To help others reach the highest levels of their potential to make a positive impact
  • To empower customers and stakeholders to share their knowledge and vision
  • To help individuals and businesses and organizations of all sizes do more with less
  • To build and maintain open and honest relationships through humility, compassion and a positive team-family spirit

As transportation demand management plays an increasingly prominent role in the future of mobility, RideAmigos will continue to develop and disseminate advanced tools that will help organizations make a difference in their communities.