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CommuteCon 2018

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From Purpose to Change: How to Lead Conversations that Create a Better Planet

Simon Mainwaring
Founder & CEO
We First Branding

Session Description

Purpose is the key for employees and commuters to engage with your commuter programs. Without it, Millennials and Gen Z simply won’t engage. This presentation will reveal how to leverage today’s most powerful market force to accelerate your transportation leadership.

Simon is the founder and chief executive officer of We First, a unique and socially responsible branding agency that helps businesses create purpose-driven brands and products that drive positive change in the world. Some of the agency’s clients include major multibillion-dollar businesses such as Sony Pictures, Coca-Cola, Holland America, Consumer Reports, and Tupperware Brands, among many others.

As an expert in leveraging public awareness as a tool to achieve meaningful social change, Simon is an invaluable resource to those who want to discover powerful ways to spread the good word about smart commuting. His CommuteCon 2018 talk is not to be missed.