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CommuteCon 2018

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How Workplace Culture Drives Your Mission

Evan Meyer
Co-Founder & COO

Session Description

The final session in CommuteCon 2018 was delivered by RideAmigos co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Evan Meyer. In alignment with the conference theme “Smart Mobility with Purpose,” he discussed workplace culture, and the important role it plays in driving the mission at RideAmigos. 

Workplace culture isn’t so much about what a team or organization does, but why the people there are doing it. Culture doesn’t just happen. It takes effort to cultivate and maintain. Evan shared a framework that has helped him shape and guide a supportive and highly positive company culture at RideAmigos, which he summarized as “TPBPS:”


  • Team: Teamwork begins with a common goal and a core alignment of values. Team members offer empathy, empowerment, and the support for the constant drive to grow and improve. When people grow together, outcomes are synergistic and their benefits are amplified.
  • Purpose: What is the “bigger thing” your organization is striving toward? What philosophical values underpin your mission? Identifying positive answers to these questions helps create a culture that everyone feels proud to be a part of.
  • Blend: Work isn’t an end in itself. Creating what Evan calls “work-life blend” is essential to building a positive working environment, and avoiding what he calls “hard lines in the sand” when it comes to workplace priorities is key.
  • Personality: Unique individuals, the ability to express oneself, personal passions, and creativity all help build an organization’s personality. Just like individuals, teams can be defined by the personalities they project. Define yours and work together to make it a reality.
  • Smile: Be optimistic. Bring a “can-do” attitude to work. You’ll know you’ve arrived when work no longer feels like work.


Here are some simple examples of how these ideas can be applied:

  • Team: Take it outside. Run a mutual errand with a team member and talk shop along the way
  • Purpose: Align your career path with your deeper goals. 
  • Blend: Make productive use of your down time; for example, listen to an educational audiobook while you work out at the gym.
  • Personality: Decorate your work space with art you created yourself.
  • Smile: Commit to making a colleague feel good at least once every day by offering positive encouragement or a compliment.

For more, be sure to view Evan Meyer’s full presentation, and thanks again for being a part of CommuteCon 2018!