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CommuteCon 2019

Smart mobility is changing rapidly, with established options evolving and improving while novel alternatives continue to appear. This is the focus of CommuteCon 2019, Navigating the Modern Mobility Ecosystem.

9:00 AM

Welcome / Opening Remarks

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9:10 AM

Affordable, Abundant Mobility for the Cost-Burdened

Cities across North America are facing critical affordability challenges, which are largely centered around low-income communities of color. Lime’s mission is to make the places we live and work more accessible through affordable and abundant mobility. This session will discuss how micromobility is unlocking access to economic and social opportunities, and how Lime specifically is helping to improve mobility choice and job access to cost-burdened commuters.

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Evan Costagliola
Director of Transportation Partnerships

9:25 AM

Shared Mobility and Micromobility Today

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Adam Cohen
Research Associate, Innovative Mobility Research Group
Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC)

9:40 AM

Transport What You Treasure

Kite’s approach to developing a comprehensive transportation program started from the ground up – rather than focusing on governmental requirements, they engaged the key stakeholders of the business, assessed the culture, and mapped the people and pain points. As a result, the transportation program addresses the needs of their employees both getting to work and around the campus and is more comprehensive in nature – a “something for everyone” model. Focusing on context-specific solutions and the modern mobility infrastructure – from scooters to Waze Carpool to fixed route transit, Kite employees can commute and travel more sustainability and comfortably – with the end result also aligning well with local regulations!

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Tamar Fuhrer
Associate Director, Transportation and Commuter Services
Kite Pharma

9:55 AM

Introducing Waze Carpool

Learn about the latest news and mobility advancements from Waze Carpool - a CommuteCon 2019 sponsor

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Josh Fried
Head of Waze Carpool

10:00 AM


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10:05 AM

Scale Up! TDM Strategies for Large Employers

In his role as Associate Director of Transit Operations and TDM Initiatives for the University of Southern California, Shawn Chavira has been tasked with helping tens of thousands of students, staff, and faculty members navigate one of the most challenging commuting landscapes in the United States. USC is located in Los Angeles, which ranks among the most car-centric and congested cities in the country. Shawn’s successful work in creating a flexible, multimodal mobility program for USC holds many important lessons for large organizations seeking to enhance the reach and effectiveness of their TDM strategies.

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Shawn Chavira
Associate Director of Transportation
University of Southern California

10:20 AM

Keynote Presentation - Scaling Micromobility

Ryan is a pioneer of the bike share and scooter share industry. Join us for a look back at how far we've come and where we might be going next.

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Ryan Rzepecki

10:40 AM

Mobility as a Service in Sweden — Advancements Made and Lessons Learned

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Jana Sochor
Senior Researcher
RISE Viktoria

10:55 AM

Lightning Talk: Association for Commuter Transportation

Learn about the latest news and opportunities from the Association for Commuter Transportation - a CommuteCon 2019 Association Partner.

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David Straus
Executive Director
Association for Commuter Transportation

11:00 AM


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11:05 AM

Climb, Climate, Commute

Patagonia has long integrated its love and care for nature as part of its corporate identity. Following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the southern coast of the United States, the company experienced a surge in employee activism that embraced reduced reliance on fossil fuels. That commitment played a major role in shaping the company’s new approach to its commuter programs.

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Paul Hendricks
Environmental Responsibility Manager

11:20 AM

Incentives Work! (Sort of): Exploring ways to make incentives work better and budgets go further

Driving alone is one of the most deeply ingrained default behaviors among Americans. And while we all know that incentives can be powerful tools for behavior change, they are often ineffective in shifting commuter mode choice long term. In this talk we will explore the idea of incentives, what they are, and why they can work. We will demonstrate why, in some cases, they do not work. And finally we will explore some ideas that may, when implemented as part of a robust program, make incentives more effective and allow our budgets to go further.

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Corey Tucker
Director of Customer Success

11:35 AM

Solving employee commute problems with new mobility options: Private shuttles, micromobility, and more

A recent study showed 23 percent of employees have left a job because of a bad commute. TransitScreen, a CommuteCon 2019 sponsor, offers a way to bring all your commuter transportation efforts together, enhancing the employee experience and cutting through the commute chaos.

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Matt Caywood

11:40 AM


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11:45 AM

Providing Commuter Transportation Programs as a Government Employer

Parking cash-out programs are an effective solution to reducing demand for limited parking spaces, as they deliver immediate financial benefits to commuters who voluntarily relinquish their parking privileges on a temporary or permanent basis. Phillip played an instrumental role in the creation and launch of an innovative pilot program designed to support employees AND make more room for public parking.

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Phillip Kobernick
Acting Logistics Services Manager
Alameda County

12:00 PM

Creative Solutions in a City with Few Barriers to Driving Alone

Motivating commuters to adopt sustainable commuting habits in a small urban area poses unique challenges. With low traffic, adequate parking in most areas and affordable downtown parking, Missoula commuters face minimal external barriers to driving alone.

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Katherine Auge
Program Coordinator
Missoula in Motion

12:15 PM

No ‘Free Parking’: How new IRS rules will change employer transportation

Recent changes in IRS rules may have a big impact on the transportation benefits employers offer their employees. Jason Pavluchuk from Pavluchuk & Associates and Coalition for Smarter Transportation (a CommuteCon 2019 sponsor) will help explain the new rules and the opportunities they create.

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Jason Pavluchuk
Pavluchuk & Associates, CoaST

12:25 PM

Channel the Youth: TDM strategic planning with student voices

UC Berkeley recently updated their strategic plan to provide a balance of solutions between Faculty/Staff and students. Learn how they enlisted students to provide guidance and input in the design of the strategic plan and also the various student programs which address the need for student input, student participation, and creating a culture of transit fans.

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David Sorrell
Manager, Mobility Solutions Programs & TDM Administrator
UC Berkeley

12:40 PM

3 Steps Toward Mobility on Demand

In this session, Gary Hsueh from Prospect Silicon Valley will describe three efforts to accelerate the deployment of Mobility on Demand in the San Francisco Bay Area: The City of Palo Alto’s Fair Value Commuting project; market research for automated shuttles; and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s project to develop an Automated Electric Accessible Vehicle.

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Gary Hsueh
Director of Mobility Programs
Prospect Silicon Valley

12:55 PM


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Jeffrey Chernick
Founder & Director

11:40 AM


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