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CommuteCon 2020

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Rural Mobility: Ensuring Geographic Equity of Mobility Advances

Andrew Duvall, Ph.D.
Transportation Behavior Analyst, Mobility, Behavior and Advanced Powertrains Group, Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Session Description

As transportation technologies and practices undergo a current rapid transformation, rural contexts for emerging trends have not been central to efforts in the research community. This presentation explores some of the challenges of commuting and mobility in rural communities, impacts of recent trends, as well as strategies to improve geographic equity. Rural areas exhibit different characteristics and needs as compared to urban areas, reflected in commuting behavior and mobility choices. However, shifting patterns of demography, employment and commuting offer opportunities for revitalization in rural and small communities.

About the Speaker:

Andrew Duvall holds a Ph.D. in Health and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Colorado Denver. He is a Transportation Behavior Analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and serves as a project lead for research in the US Department of Energy’s SMART Mobility efforts to understand emerging transportation trends. Current projects include rural and workforce mobility strategies, behavioral and economic factors for electric vehicle adoption, transformations in practices regarding vehicle parking and curb space, and facilitating transference of research findings between communities. He also leads a project to develop an energy bounding analysis of micro-mobility options, which include shared bicycles, e-scooters, and e-bikes. Some of his prior work influenced the development of Denver B-cycle, the first large-scale bicycle sharing system in the U.S. Dr. Duvall’s research is focused on human facets of mobility, including adoption of emerging technologies, energy outcomes, economics, and behavioral responses to the shifting mobility landscape.