CommuteCon 2020

Nudge Me Baby One More Time

Jessica Roberts
Alta Planning

Session Description

When’s the right time to try to change someone’s commuting behavior? Getting it right could boost your commute program’s effectiveness at no additional cost – and getting it wrong could be costly. In this talk, learn what behavioral science tells us about the best time to act. We’ll discuss ideas that you can use today, and show you how testing can help you figure out the optimal timing for your commute program.

About the Speaker:

Jessica Roberts is a principal at Alta Planning + Design and has been a leader in the Active Transportation field for nearly two decades. She directs award-winning programs and projects that help people drive less often, and use active and shared modes more often. Her current research focuses on bringing the findings and methods of behavioral science to benefit the TDM field. She owns five bikes, zero cars, and a ludicrous number of shared mobility apps.