CommuteCon 2020

Carpool 2.0

Mary Thomasmeyer
Commuter Programs Specialist

Session Description

As the sequel to previous carpool programs, Carpool 2.0 aimed to encourage commuters to start carpooling in preparation for the carpool express lanes coming to San Mateo County. This session will cover how structured the reward program, measured results, and used lessons learned to improve the program so it could evolve from a one-off incentive into an annual program.

About the Speaker:
As the Commuter Programs Specialist at, Mary Thomasmeyer helps administer programs that support commuters in San Mateo County switching to alternative transportation modes. She is primarily responsible for managing a carpool rewards program using the incentive feature on the RideAmigos platform. She enjoys a multimodal commute to work but prefers to carpool as often as possible.