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CommuteCon 2020

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Legislative Update: the MORE Through TDM Act

David Straus
Executive Director
The Association for Commuter Transportation

Session Description

Current federal transportation policy is lacking in regards to the support and understanding of Transportation Demand Management. To ensure that TDM programs and policies receive the necessary attention they deserve as effective strategies to address congestion, mobility, and air quality issues in communities throughout the county, the Association for Commuter Transportation, working with Representative Dan Lipinski (D-IL) has introduced the MORE Through TDM Act. During the next few minutes, David will present an overview of the legislation, why it is needed, and let you know how you can help it advance.

About the Speaker:
David has the honor of serving as the Executive Director of the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), the premier organization for Transportation Demand Management (TDM) professionals. With more than two decades of experience and leadership within the industry, David brings a deep understanding and commitment to the issues and challenges facing TDM professionals and the organizations they serve.

On behalf of ACT’s 1,100+ members around the globe, David enjoys working to expand the adoption of TDM policies, deployment of TDM programs, and the advancement of individual TDM professionals; improving the quality of life of commuters and the livability of communities.

Prior to joining ACT, David served as the Executive Director for A Better City Transportation Management Association (TMA) in downtown Boston.

David is a member of the Transportation Research Board’s TDM Committee and serves on the Advisory Board of the National Institute for Transportation and Communities.

A native of Oregon, David has a degree in Community Development from Portland State University and received a Certificate in Non-Profit Management and Leadership from Boston University. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, three children, and a varying number of chickens.