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CommuteCon 2020

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Rural Matters

Susan Gallagher
Education and Workforce Program Manager
Western Transportation Institute

Session Description

Rural and small urban areas face unique challenges that complicate transportation planning efforts and new technology deployments. The presentation focuses on why fostering professional networks and supporting professional capacity building efforts is especially critical to successful project implementation in rural areas. Examples are provided of workforce development practices that support rural engagement in improving regional mobility, as well as a model for engaging pre-career students in transportation projects to grow the next generation of thought leaders.
About the Speaker:
Susan Gallagher is the Education and Workforce Program Manager at the Western Transportation Institute, a transportation research center within Montana State University’s College of Engineering. She also serves as Director of the West Region Transportation Workforce Center, a resource center serving a ten-state regional network of transportation organizations, workforce advocates, and educational institutions to communicate best practices,catalyze new strategic partnerships, and leverage resources to enhance the transportation workforce at all levels.