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CommuteCon 2020

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Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jeffrey Chernick
Co-Founder & Director

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About the speaker

A former Wall Street wealth manager, Jeffrey Chernick is a serial entrepreneur, startup mentor, and angel investor/advisor (HAAWK, Rally, Hava, Beautify, Luma Launch, LoveBomb). Jeffrey has been featured by more than 30 media outlets including Techcrunch, Forbes, NBC, ABC, and the LA Times. He is a guest lecturer in entrepreneurship at Pepperdine University’s MBA Program. His mobility company RideAmigos has taken millions of cars off the road for thousands of companies across the US and Canada. With over 15 million downloads and $9.5 million raised, his video ringtone app, Vyng, boasts 4 billion videos played across 170 countries. In his spare time, Jeffrey DJ’s across the world with neon drum sticks.