It All Starts with the Commute (CommuteCon Mini)

Employee Commute Experts Panel

Danielle Glaser
Senior Program Manager, Global Transportation

Mandy Basile
Senior Transportation Program Manager

Amelia Mock
Commute Solutions Coordinator
Kaiser Permanente

Session Description

Find out why commuting is the new frontier of workplace experience.

It all starts with the commute. Join a panel of leading employee commute experts from healthcare, tech, and biotech as we discuss what’s changed since 2020, where their organizations are investing now, and their biggest challenges in the year ahead. Find out why commuting is the new frontier of workplace experience!

This discussion, hosted by RideAmigos Head of Customer Success, Kathryn Hagerman Medina, included senior transportation demand management (TDM) experts from three organizations leading the way in employee transportation. Mandy Basile of Genentech, Danielle Glaser of LinkedIn, and Amelia Mock of JLL for Kaiser Permanente offered insights into current, high-impact programs defining the commuter experience of the future.

The panelists introduced and explained newly implemented strategies for creating a world class commuter experience and, in the process, helping employees find sustainable alternatives to solo driving. Notably, Genentech’s commuter experience program directly addresses the tricky issue of encouraging mode shift in situations where the employer’s facilities are not well-served by local public transit networks.

LinkenIn is currently operating some fascinating experimental TDM pilot programs. These projects are built around a combination of personalized commute consulting services and RideAmigos-powered technologies for advancing commuter benefits beyond the traditional workplace.

Kaiser Permanente has built an impressively complete, rewards-focused commuter experience program. Since its implementation, the program has generated fantastic results while allowing participants to earn an extra $150 per month or more by participating regularly.

Other webinar highlights include:

  • Detailed expert insights into running commuter experience programs for large organizations
  • Ways to leverage local commute hubs as focal points for bespoke transportation services
  • Innovative solutions to the persistent “first mile/last mile” dilemma

The hour-long presentation also explores program designs that build in:

  • Unique approaches to vanpooling and vansharing
  • Guaranteed rides home
  • Positive motivators for generating higher program participation rates

The webinar offers deep insights into the factors that drive program success, and inspiring ideas for TDM managers looking to build an in-house commute hub for their people teams.

You can view the complete presentation for free on YouTube.