Our Theme in 2019: Navigating the Emerging Mobility Ecosystem

The smart mobility landscape keeps moving forward, with established options evolving and improving while novel alternatives continue to appear. We’re excited by the incredible range of mobility options in 2019, which we’ve reflected in our theme for the upcoming edition of our signature CommuteCon event: “Navigating the Modern Mobility Ecosystem.”

So, what’s new in 2019? What’s changing? Where might things be heading next?

Emerging Mobility Options in 2019

Mobility innovators have some exciting things coming down the pipeline this year, including:

  • Electric scooters. Automated, smartphone-powered systems that facilitate electric scooter sharing have  taken several major European cities by storm, and companies like LimeBike and Bird have aggressive American expansion plans. Look for fleets of fast, pollution-free electric scooters: coming soon to a city near you!
  • Personal EVs. A new generation of intelligent, feature-rich, convenient, and compact personal electric vehicles (EVs) is poised to give riders the freedom to go anywhere on demand, from down the block to across town.
  • Dockless bikesharing. One of the major down sides of the legacy urban bikesharing model is the need to strategically position docking stations throughout a city. Dockless technologies are changing that, making it easier than ever to grab a bike on the go.

Legacy Mobility Solutions Will Continue to Grow and Change in 2019

Here’s a look at some major changes, advancements, and upgrades that will affect established mobility options in 2019:

  •  Carpooling improvements. From companies like Lyft overhauling their design to make public transportation and carpooling more accessible to emerging apps for specialized markets like families with young children, the carpooling landscape continues to get smarter and smarter.
  • Autonomous vehicles. The human-machine interfaces that define the autonomous vehicle experience keep evolving and improving. Will 2019 be the year autonomous vehicles finally make their long-awaited breakthrough?
  • Microtransit. A growing number of municipalities around the world are getting wise to the amazing potential of microtransit. This concept-driven solution is built around the use of small mini-buses that follow flexible routes on flexible schedules for improved efficiency.

This is just a sampling of the many innovations and advancements that continue to redefine the dynamic world of smart urban mobility. If you’re interested in learning more about mobility options in 2019, then don’t forget to sign up for our CommuteCon mailing list. It’s free, easy, and secure!