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CommuteCon 2017

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1-2 TDM Combo: RideAmigos + Scoop

Jamie Jarvis
Transportation Demand Manager
Stanford Research Park

David Weisman
Director of Business Development

Session Description

Scoop is the world’s first fully automated carpooling platform, giving commuters the ability to quickly and efficiently source local rideshares. It helps people make more sustainable transportation choices, all while saving money and reducing wear-and-tear on their personal vehicles. Scoop is built on a simple motto: “less traffic = more life.”

The Scoop platform is designed to provide on-demand solutions for commuters, who can schedule trips one at a time and automatically source available matches:

  • The app creates custom trip-by-trip carpools, using origin points, destination points, and preferred commuting times to generate matches
  • Riders and drivers split the cost of the trip
  • It is compatible with employer-based “guaranteed ride home” commuter programs

Scoop has formed partnerships with a wide range of public and private partners, and has grown into the largest carpooling solution in the San Francisco area, and has thousands of registered users in Palo Alto’s Stanford Research Park. Together, these users have combined for 50,000 rides, saving 498,000 miles of driving and 451,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Registered Stanford Research Park riders also benefit from subsidies, ranging from $2 to $5 per trip, depending on distance. Scoop has also launched numerous creative promotional programs, including a 10-day “Scoop-a-Thon” promotion in early 2017, just after the end of the holiday season. This program saw 10 days of prize drawings for people who requested Scoop match lists. Users were automatically entered in the draws just for requesting matches.

The RideAmigos TDM Platform can integrate directly with Scoop to deliver an enhanced range of carpooling options to commuters. RideAmigos helps match commuters with people who are looking for traditional carpooling solutions that include regular schedules and a common, consistent group of riders and drivers. Connecting Scoop to RideAmigos also gives commuters the option to source rides on demand, creating more flexibility and encouraging more users to take advantage of sustainable transportation options.