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Berkeley Moves! Connecting the Dots to Establishing an Effective Collegiate Transportation Program

David Sorrell
TDM Administrator and Alternative Transportation Manager, Parking & Transportation Department
University of California at Berkeley

Session Description

Berkeley Moves is the recently-launched TDM program in place at the University of California-Berkeley. The program provides and promotes alternatives to solo driving for a campus community of about 50,000 people, including specific strategies to address the “first mile/last mile” dilemma and mitigate parking demand, among other objectives.

Core elements of the RideAmigos-powered Berkeley Moves program include:

  • Transit passes to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and Alameda-Contra Costa (AC) Transit systems
  • Campus shuttle services
  • Bikesharing and bicycle parking programs
  • Carsharing programs
  • Carpool discounts

Data gathered in 2016 showed the following statistics specific to the UC Berkeley community:

  • 39.4 percent drive-alone rate for faculty and staff
  • 41.7 percent walk rate and 19.5 percent bike rate for students
  • 5,400 available parking spaces, subject to impending decreases

Berkeley Moves was launched in May 2017 to an initial group of 1,450 users, with the goal of at least maintaining (if not further decreasing) the already-low drive-alone rate. An important secondary goal was to mitigate parking demand, as the number of available parking spots on campus is already slated for cuts. In addition to campus travel, Berkeley Moves also covers both on-campus and off-campus events and runs contests to reward participants with prizes.

The program’s administrators quickly found that marketing and promoting the initiative through on-campus student groups was a major driver of its success and visibility. Since its launch, Berkeley Moves has made waves on campus:

  • 102 users averaged 3 trips per day and saved more than 2,200 driving miles during RideShare Week
  • More than 400 students and 60 faculty members registered for bikesharing access
  • 36 shared-transportation trip plans for Winter Break

Berkeley Moves is poised to become a valuable and effective blueprint for university communities that want to encourage wider use of alternative transportation modes while making the most of limited parking resources. For further details on how this intelligently designed program came together to make a positive impact, please view the full presentation.