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CommuteCon 2018

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Lightning Talk - Scoop

Session Description

Marissa Fuhrer, head of enterprise sales at Scoop, delivered an engaging talk about this exciting carpooling software tool.

Scoop was inspired by its founders’ firsthand experiences with commuting, noting that shared commutes are far more enjoyable than solo driving. In fact, a large number of commuters rate their solo drive to work as the worst part of their day, creating very obvious room for improvement.

Another foundational principle of Scoop is built on research that shows many people are interested in carpooling, but lack the ability to find others to share rides with or have a hard time accessing reliable carpools. Scoop aims to bring commuters together by partnering up with employers across the country.

Scoop works at scale, connecting coworkers and neighbors who want to share rides. It provides benefits to commuters and their employers. Commuters can forge meaningful connections with their fellow passengers, all while maximizing their time and reducing their travel-related expenses. Partners win by reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicle trips, which reduces demand for parking and contributes to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Carpoolers can use Scoop to quickly schedule morning and evening trips using trusted connections with vetted rideshare partners. Scoop also supports smart route-planning functions, making it fast and easy for users to plot the most efficient course home to save time and fuel.

In matching commuters, Scoop conducts vehicle history checks on every driver in its network, and connects users with neighbors. Whenever possible, Scoop matches coworkers together to facilitate easy and efficient commuting, but an expanded range of match options are available.

Thus far, Scoop has scored some impressive successes:

  • 125,000 commuters have already joined the Scoop network
  • Riders have saved more than one million miles in the past quarter alone
  • Scoop has helped put about two million carpools on the road

Scoop is quickly expanding, with an eye to creating regional carpooling networks to serve wide areas. You can learn more about them by viewing Fuhrer’s full presentation or visiting Scoop’s website.